Hey Friends!

From humble beginnings crafting quirky furniture out of wine barrels, I've sculpted my passion into "The Craft House," a bustling hub in sunny SoCal for shopping local makers and getting in on the crafting fun!

Whether you're a DIY newbie or a crafting guru, I am excited you're here. Let's get crafty!

Now I am brining The Craft house experience, crafts, and more to your front door with the The Crafters Club.

Our Sister Store

The Crafters Club, born from our brick and mortar shop, The Craft House, offers an online hub for crafting blanks, laser files, and subscription boxes!

The Craft House, located in Moorpark, CA, features its Craft Bar. Attendees get to choose a project to craft, are provided with guidance from our friendly staff, and get to tap into their creative side while sipping wine and enjoying the company of their friends and family.

Additionally, The Craft House hosts instructor led workshops and is home to over 45 local makers. It's a small business marketplace!

(21 and over due to alcohol license)

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